JB Pritzker

Person of Interest: JB Pritzker, IL Governor
Nickname: Junior Blagojevich
Status: Under federal investigation

Illinois’ current Governor, JB “Junior Blagojevich” Pritzker, is also under federal investigation for a property tax evasion scheme carried out by him, his wife and his brother-in-law. JB and his family bought the mansion next to the Gold Coast mansion they already own. Instead of renovating the newly bought house like they had planned, they removed all the toilets in order to file a property tax appeal claiming the house was uninhabitable. The appeal saved them $331,000. That’s hundreds of thousands less going to schools and public safety, all so the billionaire Pritzker’s could save a few bucks. 

JB is no stranger to saving a buck on the back of hard working taxpayers. Pritzker is worth $3.4 billion and somehow reported only $5.5 million in taxable income in his 2018 tax filings. Pritzker makes his money from investments off of his inherited wealth. Someone worth that much should be reporting well north of $100 million in taxable income. But alas, in true JB fashion, we know he avoids paying taxes by hiding his wealth in the Bahamas. Only a top financier of the Illinois Democrat Crime Ring would be a serial tax dodger while pinning his entire agenda on raising taxes on every Illinoisan.