The Democratic Party of Illinois is nothing more than a vehicle for no talent cronies and grifters to reward friends, wield power, and personally profit from public office. Each week brings with it news of federal investigators engaging in a wide-ranging corruption probe that has already yielded indictments for two Democrat state legislators and the most powerful Chicago alderman, among others. The ongoing stream of FBI warrants and subpoenas tell the story of a political machine run amok, engaging in blatant, wide-ranging corruption without concern for consequences. Read below to learn about the main players – those already indicted and those biding their time – within the Illinois Democrat Crime Ring.

“There is virtually no level of state or local government in Cook County that is not teaming with self dealing Democrats looking to screw over taxpayers. The Illinois Democratic Party is a crime ring masquerading as a political party” -ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider

Meet Mike “The Velvet Hammer” Madigan
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Madigan.
Meet JB “Junior Blagojevich” Pritzker
Learn more as the Feds close in on Pritzker
Meet Martin “Red-light Baron” Sandoval
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Sandoval.

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Madigan and ComEd are at the center of federal heat

Illinois PolicyBy Austin Berg Federal agents in May raided the homes of three individuals across Illinois with close ties to House Speaker Mike Madigan and utility giant Commonwealth Edison. But a new subpoena served during that spree has come to light courtesy of WBEZ, which on Oct. 20 published a story on federal activity at an esteemed Chicago public […]
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Tax Probe Shadows Illinois Governor as Term Gets Underway

BloombergBy Elizabeth Campbell and Kim Chipman Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, his wife and his brother-in-law are under federal criminal investigation for a property tax appeal that came up during Pritzker’s 2018 campaign, Chicago public radio station WBEZ reports, citing an unidentified law-enforcement source. There are no signs that criminal charges are imminent, the station reported. […]
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Documents show feds were after evidence of bribery and theft from federally funded program in raid of state Sen. Martin Sandoval’s office

Chicago TribuneDan Petrella, Jamie Munks, and Jason Meisner Federal agents who raided the state Capitol office of Sen. Martin Sandoval last week were looking for information related to concrete and construction businesses, lobbyists and public officials, and “items related to any official action taken in exchange for a benefit,” according to documents released Tuesday by the Illinois […]
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Meet Tom “The Ghost” Cullerton
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Cullerton.
Meet John “Shadow” Cullerton
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Cullerton allies.
Meet Ed “The Burger King” Burke
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Burke.
Meet Luis “Jackpot” Arroyo
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Arroyo.
Meet Carrie “Family Ties” Austin
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Austin.
Meet Daniel “The Wire” Solis
Learn more as the FBI closes in on Solis.
Meet Dorothy "Clerk A" Brown
Learn more as the feds close in on Brown.