John Cullerton

Person of Interest: John Cullerton, IL State Senate President
Nickname: Shadow
Status: Enabling senate caucus corruption

When you Google the phrase “bury your head in the sand”, a picture of Senate President John Cullerton is the first thing that pops up. When the Senate President’s cousin, Senator Tom Cullerton, was indicted this summer, John didn’t strip him of his chairmanship of the Labor Committee. He simply handed him the chairmanship of another committee and the $10,000 stipend that goes along with it. His corruption blind spot doesn’t just extend to his cousin. Even though President Cullerton was warned by many to avoid naming Senator Sandoval as the lead capital bill negotiator, he did it anyways. Then, when the FBI raided the Springfield and Cicero offices of Sandoval, President Cullerton claimed to be ignorant of who the feds were really after.

UPDATE – Cullerton retiring:

Senate President Cullerton is joining others in scurrying off of the sinking ship, announcing his retirement effective in January 2020. His likely successor has her own ethical problems to face as well.